New Apostolic Church’s Members Died In A Car Accident While Heading to A Church Meeting

Car Accident
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New Apostolic Church members got involved in a car crash in Lusaka, Zambia, while on their way to a church gathering. There was a total of 36 victims, 12 of whom were injured, and 24 others lost their lives.

Tragic Incident in Lusaka

Based on the statement of deputy police spokesperson Danny Mwale, the accident happened when a Mitsubishi Rosa collided with a Freightliner Truck in the Kapiringozi region close to the Chirundu-Kafue Road, which is located south of Lusaka. Philippine News Agency reported that it is speculated that the fatalities were members of the New Apostolic Church from Chongwe District, which is located on the outskirts of Lusaka. They were reportedly on their way to Siavonga, south of the country, for a church conference.

Moreover, the early investigations conducted by the police show that the bus, which was carrying 35 passengers, crashed with the truck and trailer from behind. The bus driver eventually lost control of the vehicle, flipping over and landing in a ditch on the left edge of the road. Mwale stated that the bus had sustained significant damage while the car had problems with its rear bumper. "The deceased has only been identified as 23 female adults and one male adult, while eight females and four males are injured. The driver of the bus (on which the victims were) is among the injured victims," the police spokesperson added.

In addition, Evans Lupiah, Chongwe District Commissioner, has expressed condolences on behalf of the government to the families of those who have passed away. He also shared the news that nine bodies have been taken to Lusaka. According to the Lusaka Times, the New Apostolic Church community in the Chongwe District has been left in ruins due to the disaster. The congregation has also sent sympathies to the families of those who have passed away and conveyed its strongest wishes for a quick recovery to those injured in the tragedy. Furthermore, the authorities have demanded that drivers obey all traffic rules and regulations to forestall similar accidents in the future.

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Road Safety in Zambia

Global Road Safety Partnership stated that the number of people who have lost their lives due to road traffic accidents has continuously risen in Zambia over the past ten years. Nearly forty percent of all road fatalities yearly are reported to result from crashes involving pedestrians. As mentioned, Zambia is committed to reversing this upward trend. Thus, the country has ambitious goals to reduce the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents by fifty percent by 2020. 

As per BNN Network, since road safety is still a primary priority in Zambia, there is a pressing need to step up initiatives to reduce the number of traffic collisions. Road users are responsible for exhibiting caution and abiding by the laws and regulations governing traffic to protect themselves and those around them. If everyone does their part to promote road safety, reducing the number of people injured or killed in automobile accidents is possible.

On the other hand, to reduce the number of fatalities and severe injuries on Zambia's roads, the Zambian government has initiated several programs in collaboration with civil society groups and international partners. In the context of these measures, enhancing rules and regulations about driving, vehicle maintenance, road construction and maintenance, and other related topics are included. The Zambia Road Safety Trust Fund is also an important program aimed at lowering road accidents' impact on communities and the economy in Zambia.

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