Conservative Advocacy Group Protests During ‘Family-Friendly Drag Show’ At Methodist Church

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A 'family-friendly drag show' was recently held at First United Methodist Church in Sherman, Texas. As a result, a conservative organization known as 'Protect Texas Kids' and other Christian groups voiced their disagreements by staging a demonstration in front of the Methodist church while the event was taking place.

Drag Show Condemned by Opposing Organizations

The "Pride Prom" event was advertised as a "family-friendly drag show." A report from Fox News stated that after being shifted from its intended location at the nearby Pecan Grove Park, the LGBTQ event that was scheduled on Saturday, May 13 and was given its new home at the First United Methodist Church in Sherman, Texas. On the flyer for the event, it was reportedly mentioned that Alex Gemini would be hosting, that there would be "open mic karaoke," and that the "family-friendly drag show" would be featured. Grayson County Pride, a group that represents the LGBTQ community in the area, was the one in charge of organizing the event.

However, the gathering grabbed the focus of protestors, who confirmed their appearance on drag queens and "furries" at the church. As stated, 'Protect Texas Kids' had previously coordinated an uproar of the event on social media before the show was held. The organization announced on Twitter that "Reminder: This Saturday, we'll be protesting a 'kid-friendly' drag show in Sherman. We'll have extra posters and water bottles, so bring a friend and join us!" Moreover, News Max reported that during the evening of the event, Protect Texas Kids captured photographs and film recordings of the attendees, including youngsters who were observed entering the venue with drag queens and adults costumed in animal outfits. Other rosary-praying protesters from the Catholic group known as "The New Columbia Movement" also appeared at the event.

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Other Church that Hosted Drag Show Event, Gained Controversy

Based on a report from The Texan News, people of all sexual orientations, sex identities, and gender expressions are welcome into the whole life and ministry of Faith Church in New Braunfels, designated by the United Church of Christ as an Open and Affirming church. In its long and illustrious history, the United Church of Christ is notable for ordaining the first openly lesbian and female pastors. Additionally, the Faith Church placed an increased emphasis on "inclusive love" and performed same-sex weddings years before the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, which rendered same-sex marriages lawful across the country. The pastor of the Faith Church explained that "the church voted to publicly proclaim what we had been practicing for a while."

In Texas, churches and nonprofit organizations that hold "family-friendly" drag performances have developed a reputation for being a common source of dispute. But since a video of the event showed youngsters receiving cash from drag artists, a drag show bingo event in North Texas attracted nationwide attention. As per Ksat, Protesters assert that the concert was unsafe for children, despite the fact that some individuals consider the event an age-appropriate art presentation. On the other hand, the problem reportedly extends much more than just the incident in New Braunfels.

Two measures have been introduced in the Texas legislature that, if passed, would place restrictions on and, in some cases, outlaw drag shows and any other activity that may be classified as a "sexually oriented performance." Because of this, there was a high level of protection, with at least a dozen police officers from the New Braunfels Police Department standing by. Pastor Carla Cheatham made certain that all individuals who had purchased tickets to the event were not present to disrupt it.

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