Nuns Label Catholic Bishop 'Pure Evil,' File Lawsuit in Historic Legal Move

Catholic Nun
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In an extraordinary turn of events, in a recently filed complaint, Bishop Michael Olson of the Fort Worth Diocese has been accused of acting in "pure evil" by a small order of nuns, the Discalced Carmelite Nuns in Arlington.

In accordance with the lawsuit, Bishop Olson allegedly searched the monastery, questioned the nuns, and shut down the monastery after seizing computers and a phone. He is also charged with stopping priests from saying daily mass at the Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity and preventing 50 to 60 parishioners from regularly attending.

Bishop Accused of Unjust Actions by a Group of Nuns in Arlington

The ongoing dispute, which commenced on April 24, has purportedly caused emotional trauma and psychological distress, as stated in an affidavit from Reverend Mother Teresa Agnes. According to the article shared in NBC DFW, the Reverend Mother "violated her vow of chastity with a priest from outside the Diocese of Fort Worth," the Diocese of Fort Worth asserted in a counter-statement on its website. The Diocese's spokeswoman made no further remarks about the complaint. 

In the article shared in CBS News, in a statement sent on Thursday, the Diocese's legal team argued that the lawsuit ought to be dropped because it would force the civil court to address church doctrine and jurisdiction matters. Attorney Michael Bobo asserted on their behalf that the nuns are battling to reclaim their way of life and that they directly report to the Vatican rather than the regional bishop. Let them confess, he commanded. They are not harming anyone, so let them engage in their daily thoughtful prayer. After that, let the canonical process take its course. 

In 1958, the Carmelite Nuns were founded in Arlington on a wooded parcel of land. Except for medical attention, they stay put and spend their days working and praying on the grounds. According to the claim, Olson arrived at the monastery on April 24 with only 30 minutes notice, which was exceedingly rare, according to Bobo. According to the lawsuit, the bishop and three other people came and demanded that Mother Agnes hand up her phone, iPad, and computer.

The lawsuit also asserts that after Mother Agnes underwent surgery, Bishop Olson insisted on questioning her despite being sedated and on painkillers. Bishop Olson apparently disapproved of the nuns' request for legal assistance and chose someone else to represent them instead. The sisters got a new phone after theirs was taken. According to reports, Bishop Olson replied in writing, saying that he was aware of the new phone and that it had been being used for texting.

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Investigation Launched into Potential Chastity Violation by Reverend Mother at Texas Monastery

Reverend Mother Teresa Agnes Gerlach, O.C.D., of the Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity in Texas, was accused of possibly breaking the chastity rule by Bishop Michael Olson in April 2023. According to the statement released in Complicit Clergy, according to a report, she may have broken the sixth commandment, which is usually connected with adultery, with a priest who served outside the Fort Worth Diocese. On April 24, mass continued at the monastery as an ecclesiastical investigation got underway. Bishop Olson and the Diocese are the targets of a lawsuit brought by Mother Teresa Agnes. During this issue, parishioners are instructed to pray for the monastery.

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